Monday, March 15, 2010

Irwin R Sheister

...please note that i have accounted for the sale of all securities listed in both your line by line explanation and my 2007 Smith Barney 1099, both attached. In addition, I have accounted for the cost basis of all these securities, which was not accounted for in your calculation of the xxxx...according to the line by line explanation, this figure was based on gross proceeds...

Tax season.

Fun? No. Manageable? Yes. That's if you've spent months anticipating all its calamities.

For each of the past four years, I've been adequately braced for the misfortunes that accompany this time of year. But when my return home from the road greets me with a fat letter caked with Uncle Sam's own errors, only to leave me cleaning up the mess, my tolerance for the clown lessens. "I want you"?. No, you want my green.

Where's my rittersport?

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  1. tax season is the worst :( it's like playing russian roulette with uncle sam and most of the time, you gotta bite the bullet :( no. bueno.