Tuesday, May 11, 2010

There Are Footprints On My Ceiling

The mighty Social D just signed to Epitaph. Wow. Monster news from one of my all time favorite rock bands/frontmen in Mike Ness.

Not that this strikes me completely out of left field. If anything, it's exciting to know that after three decades and six years sans new material, the band is resurging with a vengeance. Very, very cool.

I could write pages about Social Distortion's general relevance to modern rock n' roll (and the southern california punk rock movement of the 80's/90's), their signifiance to me personally, why the new label partnership makes sense, blah blah blah. But I'm at a show. And I won't. And you should invest the time to understand Mike Ness and company anyhow.

Suffice it to say this news reinforces Epitaph's business character as much as it speaks to Social D's fabric as an iconic west coast rock unit. Your melding two of the most respected names in the alternative/independent music landscape, while bolstering the label with a source of revenue in these times of mega financial hardship (especially for this industry). Contrary to some of their indie contemporaries hopping onto every short-lived trend for a quick buck, Epitaph's been adding some formidable, proven names to their roster for the past two years. To sign Social Distortion is to fortify both their business strategy AND the identity they've maintained since day one.

In celebration of this news, I'll be spinning my Social D records nonstop this week. I suggest you follow suit. And for those unfamiliar with these OC juggernauts, here's some intro tunes to wet your appetite:

When The Angels Sing
Reach For The Sky
Dear Lover
Angel's Wings
Cold Feelings

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  1. so this is all you managed to blog while we were hangin out @ the cellars? wow. you're so slow! ;) xx